Our Vision

Fostering dignity, pride and equity among youth in the Arab world.

Our Mission

To realize the full potential of youth and children through a process that provides innovation and creativity to educational systems, making learning authentic and aligning it closely to the growing needs of the labor market.

Our Experience

Curriculum Development
Educational Consultancy
Workforce Development
Teacher Training
Gender Mainstreaming
Media Consultancy
Information Campaign

Why work with us?

We are well placed to deliver significant projects for the following reasons: Our global reach means that experience applied to any project will have been gathered from the best practices worldwide and applied in a local context. The quality of work we deliver fits well with the customers’ desire to have world class systems in place which are aligned with its strategic directions.

Our “Client First” process ensures that what we deliver is what our clients expect.

World of Letters

Founded in 2006 to assists governments and organizations in improving the quality of their education system to produce a new generation of skilled, knowledge-based workforce that are able to advance their socio-economic goals. This is achieved by introducing 21st century skills to the professionals and the learning community. The World of Letters provides consultancy, training and professional development programs and assist in the development of innovative, contextualize and multi-disciplinary curricula in the Arabic language.

How are we different? 

We develop solid partnerships to handle your business needs in a rapidly changing market. We have: Experience in responding to fast changes and global business impacts while delivering high quality products.
Flexibility to create and implement programs while aligning to local needs and improve other training, consulting, coaching projects.
Timing & Availability with specialized resources ready to integrate with your teams and support the design and delivery of customized education, communication and training programs.